Tutorials by Video Professor versus Other Tutorials

Online tutorials on various subjects have been around as long as the Internet has. For the longest time, several years that is, online tutorials existed as text. If you had a problem, you would do a search on it on your favorite search engine and hope that some one touched the subject at some point. The scene has changed dramatically with rise of cheap bandwidth that allowed the online videos become wide-spread.

But even before there were online videos, Video Professor was making video tutorials for years. It makes sense. It is a lot easier to wrap your head around something when you get to watch it being done rather than reading about it. So, Video Professor started out when the only way to distribute and watch videos was through the use of VCRs and VHS tapes.

Now, it seems that Video Professor is a little behind. While they have moved completely away from VHS tapes and sell their products on CDs that you can play back on your PC, you can really see much of them online. That is about to change in the coming months. Look for some really cool and useful videos on video sharing sites like YouTube.

What separates the Video Professor tutorials from the online videos that are already out there is that they are comprehensive. While there are lots of videos out there that address specific problems there are no products out there that teach a product all the way from the basics and every one of its features. This is where Video Professor excels.


Video Professor Address

Video Professor, a maker of video tutorials is located in Lakewood, Colorado. The Video Professor mailing address is:

Video Professor, Inc.

12055 W 2nd Place

Lakewood, CO 80228

Phone Number for Video Professor

The customer service phone number for Video Professor is 1 (800) 525-7763.

The hours of operation for the customer service department are as follows:

7am – 9pm Monday though Thursday

7am – 5pm Friday

7am – 3:30pm Saturday

They are closed Sunday.

You can also reach Video Professor’s via email using the online form here.

QuickBooks® Accounting Software from Video Professor

Video Professor\'s \"Learn QuickBooks\" Video TutorialsInuit® QuickBooks is an accounting software solution for small businesses. Once you have your company set up properly, it will allow you to carry out most accounting tasks associated with running a business properly.

You can enter your customers’ information into QuickBooks and manage those accounts. You can enter the payee information for the your bills and pay them as well. It is also possible to process your company’s payroll from within the software. You can also reconcile bank statements using the provided tools in Inuit QuickBooks. It also has a feature that allows you to track your accounts receivable. These are just a quick highlight of what this very versatile software can do for your small business.

This is a complex software, and all of its features are not easy to master. This is where Video Professor can help with its very thorough and very informative video tutorials. The Video Professor ‘Learn QuickBooks’ lesson series contains three CDs with several hours of information and step-by-step instructions.

Video Professor Online Videos

Video Professor has been making video tutorials for over two decades now. First, it was VHS tapes and you followed along while playing it back on your VCR. A number of years ago they have switched to CDs, and you watched them on your computer. While CDs are still the bread and butter of the company’s business, the playing filed is changing and Video Professor is getting with the program.

Online videos are very popular these days. YouTube is on of the most popular sites on
the Internet and there are many others as well. The Video Professor online videos are an effort to get with the times as people find it more convenient to watch something streaming on their computer without the need to own the actual CD that the product is actually on.

Video Professor online will get you everything you could get on CD. To find out more, you can go to http://www.videoprofessor.com/ and click on the button that says “Learn Online FREE.”

Video Professor online will get you everything you could get on CD. To find out more, you can go to http://www.videoprofessor.com/ and click on the button that says “Learn Online FREE.”

Video Professor Learn Windows® Lessons

The operating system of you PC is the core of all functions in your computer. Once your machine boots up, it is required to carry out any and all functions. It can make your life a lot easier, if you learn the ins-and-outs of all its functions.

There are a number of options when it comes to operating systems, but by far the most popular one in the world is made by Microsoft® called Windows. Windows has been around for a long time. The first version that gained wide-spread acceptance was the Windows 95. Than came 98, the infamous ME, 2000, XP and the most recent arrival Vista®.

The Video Professor Windows lessons cover most of these titles, and you will discover that these video tutorials are very informative. You can be sure that you will learn things you never knew existed.

Video Professor Learn Windows

Video Professor Software – a Misnomer

Some people are under the impression that the Video Professor tutorials are a piece software just because they come on CDs.

Yes, it is true that you will still need your computer to play back the video tutorials on the CD, but it is only practical since you will get to follow the instructions provided by the material right on the spot.

The disks for each product each product contain a menu of choices that highlight the material that is being covered on that particular CD. You can go-back-and-forth between a section and the main menu. Video Professor also provides a custom interface for fast forwarding and rewinding the video as you see fit.

So, if you are looking for Video Professor software, you are out of luck. And, if some one is claiming to have Video Professor software for sale, they are probably a fraud, or, at least, have no idea what they are talking about.

Video Professor Infomercials

You may have seen the Video Professor infomercials over the years. I know I have. I remember being in college and not having cable. The only broadcast channel I could get was Fox. So, when there was something good on a watched that. If there was something bad on, I watched that. When there were only infomercials, I watched those.

Now, this was the mid-early nineties. The infomercial industry was just taking off. Video Professor’s main guy, John W Scherer, and Video Professor infomercials seemed to be on a lot. He would be taking about some software product and he would add his favorite line “Try my product.”

The strange thing is that at the time I didn’t really care. I wasn’t very computer literate back then. Not a lot of people were. Keep in mind that this was the early nineties, and no one was talking about even the Internet yet. You used your computer for word processing and the sort. Compare that with the amount of time that we spend now in front of our screens. I, personally, sit in front of my monitor while at work and at home as well.

The Video Professor Infomercials are still out there. I just saw one the other day.

Free Video Professor Downloads

Are you looking for free video professor downloads? I am pretty sure that people have tried to rip the Video Professor CDs in the past, but the company’s official stance is that they do not take kindly to getting their intellectual property stolen. So, if you see anything on LimeWire or a torrent download, they are surely illegal. If a website offers you free video professor downloads, it is very likely a scam and you should not fall for it.

Video Professor has taken some steps to prevent their CDs from being copied. The discs are write protected, therefore you won’t be able to directly rip them.

Having said that, you can stream all tutorials over the Internet. The deal is really good. You can sign up for 99 hours of lessons for only $.99. Your card will be charged for $29.95 each month as long as you don’t cancel. You can cancel any time. That is actually a much better deal than buying the CDs themselves, so you should check it out (click on “Learn Online FREE!).

Buy Video Professor Here Cheaper

Why pay retail for anything, if you can get them cheaper without compromising quality? This holds especially true for information products on CDs. If the medium itself is without scratches then there is no reason for you spend full price.

If you want to buy Video Professor here cheaper, however, you will have to go to http://videopofessor.com since the company does not allow anyone to resell a product online like eBay or any other website for that matter.

But is you buy anything else online, I would be very careful about when buying from eBay for instance is that the person or company you are buying from has a high feedback rating. This will help lessen the risk of a bad experience. With Amazon, it is the same thing. These are reputable websites, but they do not (and cannot) guarantee every single merchant that works with them.